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A Global Leader

As part of Curaleaf International, we bring together pioneering science and research with cutting-edge cultivation, extraction and production. With a unique supply and distribution network throughout Europe, their vision is to bring the life- enhancing potential of cannabis to those who need it.

Curaleaf’s wealth of medical cannabis experience, combined with a network of supply and distribution partnerships throughout Europe and the UK, mean that it is uniquely positioned to meet the rapidly growing demand for cost-effective, consistent, premium quality medical cannabis products in the UK.


The first step in the Curaleaf International supply chain is cultivation, which takes place at Terra Verde in Portugal, holding the second oldest cultivation licence in Europe.

With 2.8 hectares of indoor greenhouse cultivation, Terra Verde is a pioneer in plant-based research, genetics and production.

The result is the cultivation of consistent, natural and high-quality medicinal cannabis.


The extraction process in the Curaleaf International supply chain takes place at Medalchemy, a leading research laboratory and manufacturing facility in Spain.

Founded in 2002 and GMP certified in 2013, Medalchemy has a decade of experience in research, development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Medalchemy were also the first laboratory in Spain to receive a licence to manufacture and export cannabis oils.


The final step in the Curaleaf International vertical supply chain is manufacturing medical cannabis at Curaleaf Laboratories, a state-of-the-art MHRA approved Specials manufacturer based in Sunderland.

Curaleaf Laboratories has been a trusted Specials manufacturer for community pharmacies across the UK for nearly a decade, providing medicines of highest quality and a price that delivers value to the NHS.

The strong reputation that we hold in the Specials industry in the UK, gives assurance that you can trust us as your partner in the Medical Cannabis market.