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5 months ago

Launch of First Medical Cannabis Flower Grown in the British Isles, in Partnership with KHIRON Europe

Rokshaw can today announce the launch of KHIRON Europe’s new medical cannabis flower, the first medical cannabis flower grown in the British Isles, exclusively distributed from our MHRA-approved facility.

The medical cannabis flower product is cultivated in Jersey in the Channel Islands under strict EU-GMP compliant conditions. The first batch of UK-grown medical cannabis flower is now available for private prescription by a doctor listed on the specialist register.

This is the first time the UK has had a medical cannabis product on its doorstep with local transportation, minimizing environmental impact and symbolising our commitment to provide a high quality product through sustainable practices.

This is a landmark moment for the UK medical cannabis market, which aligns with our commitment towards providing British manufactured treatment to ensure constant product availability of high quality products for patients and prescribers.

Jonathan Hodgson, CEO of Rokshaw: “Locally grown medical cannabis flower has been a hot topic in the industry for a number years, therefore I am extremely proud that we have been able to play a major part in the UK distribution of the first flower grown in the British isles, in partnership with KHIRON Europe. We hope that this landmark moment drives further access for patients in the UK, something that we and KHIRON Europe are extremely passionate about”

Richard Hodgson, Managing Director of Rokshaw: “Our UK manufactured range of medical cannabis has made treatment more affordable than ever before, therefore we thought it was important to be at the forefront of distributed the first locally grown flower to align with our vision. We’d like to thank our partner KHIRON Europe for trusting us with this historic activity. We look forward to continuing the great partnership that we have already built for years to come”

Franziska Katterbach, President of KHIRON Europe: “We are delighted to make our newest medical cannabis flower product, the first Jersey-grown medical cannabis product available to UK patients and prescribers. This product is characterised by its high quality as a non-irradiated and Greenhouse-grown product from Jersey, which is known for its high quality in agriculture. Short supply chains ensure the long-term availability of the product for patients and prescribers and also set new standards in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.”

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About Rokshaw

Rokshaw are the UK-leading experts in the manufacture and distribution of medical cannabis as part of Curaleaf International, the biggest cannabis company in the world. With our in-house state-of-the-art UK MHRA approved manufacturing facility, along with a comprehensive quality management system, we are meeting the growing patient demand for a consistent range of medical cannabis manufactured to EU-GMP standards, with varying dosage forms and levels of THC & CBD content.

As well as providing our own range of medical cannabis products, Rokshaw is proud to work with a number of high-quality partners who share the same vision of widening access to patients in the UK. Our capability to import bulk raw material and deliver a best-in-class manufacturing and distribution model for major medical cannabis brands is what sets us apart from the rest.
Our partner range, combined with our portfolio of UK-manufactured products represents the widest range on the market, giving specialist doctors a variety of treatment options for their patients.

About KHIRON Europe in the UK

KHIRON embarked on its journey in the UK in 2019 as a founding member of Project T21, the largest Medical Cannabis observational study in the UK. This initiative aims to overcome access barriers in the UK market with an independent data collection.

In 2021 KHIRON opened ZERENIA Clinics UK as a specialist care provision for mental health, pain and neurological conditions. With a 97% of patients reporting an improved quality of life post-treatment at ZERENIA Clinics UK, this specialist clinic has set an industry benchmark in the UK. The clinic has set a precedence for ensuring patients are treated with their health outcomes and holistic care at the forefront of this model of achieving clinical excellence. Using scientific RWD and evidence-based practice medical cannabis prescribing at ZERENIA Clinics UK leads the way in this emerging medical field.

This is evidenced by the fact that KHIRON is the only company that has secured reimbursement from the National Health Service (NHS) in 2023 for two patients.

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